Partnership Announcement


We have some very exciting news! After reaching out to Jason Schappert with, a company devoted to providing aviation education, he has agreed to help the Flight to 48 raise awareness for ACE Academy. To do this, we have adjusted our flight plan to include Ocala, FL, Jason's home airport. We have also been invited to produce a podcast with Jason to explain more about about this flight and the mission behind it. Along our journey, we will be distributing Jason's book The Private Pilot Blueprint, a guide to obtaining your private pilots license, at airports and flight schools along the way. 

We believe this is an excellent opportunity to help educate & inspire the next generation of aviators, as Jason and has devoted his life to this very cause. Also, due to his extensive experience and unparalleled aviation informational resources, he will be an excellent mentor and partner to help us along our flight. We could not be more excited to have on board with us.

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